1. SEE: SNL: Mokiki Does the Sloppy Swish

    Some might say that this is one of the best pre-recorded bits that SNL has done since Adam Samberg slipped off his Digital Shorts and walked out of 30 Rock. 

    But I see something else in this bit that’s right out of left field.

    I see the planned spontaneity and organized insanity of something like Kids in the Hall.

    The bit is what it is and nothing more.

    It’s rooted to the moment and nothing else. 

    It’s two-minutes and eighteen-seconds of pure unadulterated WTF. And that’s a good thing for what was overall a fairly strong topical episode of SNL. 

    It makes you question whether you ‘get it’ or not. And it makes you think that that doesn’t matter.

    PS… I love how SNL is allowing New York to be a character in the show again. It’s been a long time.